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The Big No & Handling Bad Days: Conversation with Stephanie Hardwick

The Big No & Handling Bad Days: Conversation with Stephanie Hardwick

We also consider a utopian future 🤯

Dear Beautiful Friends,

Today is the first Beauty Hunter podcast, and you’re in for a treat! Meet my good friend Stephanie Hardwick. Right before our podcast, she told me, “I’ve gotten very good at handling a bad day.”

I could talk and giggle all day long with this one—the best filling station ever!

I met Stephanie around seven years ago at a dinner with mutual friends, all coaches. I was instantly bedazzled by this animated force field across the table from me, talking about returning from her hundredth (or so) conference in the field of human transformation, joking about being a learning junkie, a book-lover. I leaned into this warm, humorous, exuberant spirit who laughed easily (one of my favorite qualities in human beings) and soon enough I was joining her on a number of coaching conferences and trainings.

Truth: I wish I could articulate my human-experience insights as succinctly and wisely as Stephanie. She is a verbal wordsmith when it comes to bringing to life what it’s like, say, to get good at handling a bad day. One sentence from Stephanie can give you enough to chew on for an entire day—better than any collagen shake or green drink!

Treat yourself—take the wisdom of Stephanie, and our giggle-laced conversation out for a walk. A sample of what we covered:

  • Waking up with a gaping sense of NOOOOOOO

  • Feeling dissatisfaction and doing it anyway

  • The absolute WTF-ness of menopause

  • Beating our husbands up with the need to go on vacation

  • Feeling like shit and laughing anyway.

  • Fucking dinner time.

  • What the hell is Love, anyway

  • Imagining a utopian future.

More on Stephanie:

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