Salons for Beauty Hunters

The Salons are on summer vacation. Stay tuned for changes or a surprise pop-up!

The Beauty Hunter Salons are conversational gatherings among curious people who love sharing ideas with other existential travelers.

The salons are on Summer Vacation here in the Northern Hemisphere. In the meantime:

  • If you have a convo you’d like to explore, email me and I’ll add that to the list. Who knows! Beauty Hunter reserves the right to pop-up salons as the mood strikes.

  • If you’d like to put together your own salon, would like some guidance on setting one up, or are looking for a salon facilitator/host, I’m available.

    Email me at:

About the Salons for Beauty Hunters

Salons are for paid subscribers—and the more the merrier! We gather on Zoom, deep dive into a topic, re/consider it through the lens of beauty or others’ unusual POVs, meet cool people, open our minds, kick loose a few stale belief systems, say WOW, and have a few laughs.

Beauty Hunter is a reader-supported publication, and I couldn’t do this without you. To receive all content, join the Beauty Revolution and the salons, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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The salons are come as you are. No prep required, unless it’s a course or a special salon.

I'll be your facilitator and will arrive with a topic, question, or theme.

Bring questions, curiosities, objects of beauty, declarations of love, disappointments, confusion, or a blank slate.

Salons center on a variation of themes and topics, from Play and Uncertainty to Money and Relationships. We hold everything up to a beauty lens; we question our beliefs and assumptions, and respect reality and the challenges of living: no forced happiness here! We turn toward the following:

💥How does Beauty show up in surprising & unexpected ways?
💥How can we continue opening up to moments of beauty and exaltation of the senses--in good times, bad & everything in between?
💥What if turning toward Beauty, and insisting on a Beautiful life over a meaningful one, is the most radical way we can live?
💥Topics of the moment, the season, or from a participating Beauty Hunter.

Bring questions, curiosities, objects of beauty, declarations of love, disappointments, confusion, or a blank slate.

Is there a purpose to these salons?

Our Beauty Salons are a space to expand the mind and spirit; create more capacity for curiosity, inquiry, and change, make connections and meet other existential travelers. We often take a topic—Work, Desire, Love, Marriage, Play, Art, Uncertainty, You-Name-It—hold it up to beauty, and dig in.

The salons are currently being held once a season, or four times a year (keep an eye out for pop-ups), and are for paid subscribers. If you’d like to try it out, sign up for a month’s subscription at $8, check it out, and come away with a new idea or action to integrate into your weeks ahead.

This is your playground, sandbox, laboratory, wild frontier—a place to exalt your senses and expand your mind and spirit, as we practice experiencing more beauty in daily life, together.

“A salon for beauty hunters?!? Who would have known that these conversations could change how I woke up, how I walked out the door? These discussions on beauty brought me more clarity, less turbulence, and awakened my sensory tools. Thanks to Tatyana and the prompts, poetry and discussions, I am now a Beauty Hunter.Marianne Lile, author of Stepmother

📚Read about the history of the salon.

Tatyana’s Beauty Salon is in a league of its own. Tatyana is a perfect guide – witty, wise, and warm! She is truly magic, seeing beauty in unusual places, and will inspire you to do the same! If you are someone who finds these times challenging, feels there is not enough hope and light in the world, or just simply wants more beauty in your life, - you must sign up for her next Salon. You will come out changed, renewed, blessed.
Lusia Moskvicheva, Coach, The Happy Life Strategist

Beauty Hunter is a reader-supported publication. To join the monthly salons, build a community of existential explorers, and get discounts on workshops and 1:1 coaching, become a paid subscriber.

Roars from other Beauty Hunters

"Tatyana does a great job pushing the boundaries and sparking a different way of thinking!" -- Samantha Andrl, Co-Founder of @meetharlow, thought leader, champion of freelancers.

“Tatyana effortlessly combines curiosity, creativity, and fun in service of you bringing something amazing into the world. She listens deeply and her metaphors help me see my world from a new perspective—often making me fall about laughing.” -- Pam Dibbs, Comedian, Leadership Coach, Speaker—Dibbs on Life

“Tatyana’s engaging salon was a delight, awakening my childlike sense of wonder at the beauty surrounding us. Don’t miss a chance to participate!”— Andrea Ziegelman, Executive and Artistic Director, Accent Dance

“Enlightening, inspiring and invigorating. The discussions challenged the group to examine our ideas, relationships and notions of beauty at work. Tatyana always had a good prompt, quote, question and comment to guide us along. So glad I went with my instinct to join!”— Kathy McAllister, Executive Director, GOALS Haitie

“The Beauty Hunter salon is an experience worth having. Tatyana’s warmth, spunkiness, sense of humor and energy left me light-hearted but grounded at the same time. The group was incredibly genuine and engaging. Our weekly explorations and prompts provided a refreshing space in which to step back & evaluate what I actually deem to be beautiful in my work, and as Mary Oliver so eloquently describes it, to “loving the world” Looking forward to future groups with Tatyana.”— DeNae Nichols, Transaction Manager, Cura Contracts

Come explore the beauty of daily life with curious, big-hearted individuals.